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Review: Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence



Oh, I'm sorry for screaming in the beginning of post. You know what? I forget to make a review of this product long after I run it out. Hahahaha...

Okay dollies, I'm gonna make a simple post reviewing this best seller essence which is called as a dupe of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence. This essence from Secret Key, a Korean brand, is quite hype around because it has similar benefits as SK-II yet offers the much more affordable price.

  1. 7 Free System: parabens, mineral oil, benzophenone, alcohol, phenoxy alcohol, pigment, incense
  2. Contains 90% pitera
  3. Whitening and brightening
  4. Wrinkle care
  5. Moisturizing
  6. For all skin type
  7. Content 155 ml
Actually there are many beneficial effects of SK STE, including repairing acne prone skin. Thus, here I used this essence to calm my acne down.

SK STE comes with heavy glass bottle which design is similar to SK-II FTE, simple yet elegant. The bottle is not travel handy since it might break if falls off of grasp. Regular bottle with small hole so we have to pour the product out to the palm.

The consistency is almost like water but heavier. It's lighter compared to FTE which has more concentrate texture. Two to four drops of STE is an appropriate amount to be applied all over face. It smells like pitera, sake, or something like that. I had cool sensation when applying this essence. Don't forget to apply toner before essence so that the essence can be absorbed real well.

STE couldn't help my acne problem :( But the significant effect that I barely felt is my skin become smoother and brighter. Yeah! \m/ It also moisturized yet didn't get my skin oilier. I recommend this essence for those who have minim problems on skin since people whose skin in serious condition won't get enough treatment. But if used by pairing with other skincare products, it's better... :)

That's all the review from my point of view. Hope it helps... Bye... ^^

Review: History of Whoo Jasaeng Essence and Qi Jin Cream



Hi ladies... I believe (yeah I'd checked it by myself) there is a huge number of History of Whoo reviews swarming on internet. Today, I think I should enliven the reviews but with different sight from them who are very satisfied with this high end products.

I'm not gonna tell you about this brand since you might have already known the information of. They say History of Whoo is one of high end brand in Korea, therefore the price is quite expensive (for me it's too expensive). Since people most likely can't afford to buy the full size which costs about in million, thank God the sample size is very helpful... Yeahh!! \m/

Okay, let's go on to the review.

First is Jasaeng Bichup Essence.

It's known effectively to heal inflammation caused by acne scarring, sensitive skin, and acne problem. Most bloggers said it worked out on acne although we had to experience purging on about 2-3 weeks prior. Weks! I tried this essence, early two weeks there's no problem even though I knew the bumps started to come out but it didn't bug me after all. Running three weeks, I moved to Jakarta in which the pollution and sun rays hit me, my skin was getting worse. Acne emerged fast and was that big, painful, and swollen. Arrrggghhhh! And now, because of always experimenting with new skincare product every time the mood stirred up everything, I'm even scared looking at my face reflection! I hate those skincare products which say purging in the first stage!

The texture of Jasaeng essence is like light mucous, looks sticky but when applied all over face, it blends and is absorbed easily, there's no sticky greasy oily feeling. The color is yellowish and has herb aroma.

Second is Qi Jin cream.

Believe me, this cream is very thick and rich with off white color. Smells like peanut. Yuck! I think this cream is supposed to be used for those who have very dry flaky skin.

Hah, I don't know, even I can't find any positive result using this cream since I paired it up with Jasaeng essence which broke me out.

I'm sorry, no review of very long line as you might expect since these products seems not suitable for my skin.

Thank you for reading and you can find many further information of History of Whoo products on the other sites that are more competent.

Bye... ^^

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